Rant from a Grumpy Granny

Rant from a Grumpy Granny

by Jackie Anderson
article from Saturday 11, November, 2017

It’s official, I’ve turned into a grumpy old woman, a Grumpy Granny. I watch and read the news with despair and disbelief at the stupidity and lack of common sense that appears to be accepted as common place, and most times orchestrated by the PC police who are given more importance than they should. Who are these people that think they know better than everyone else?

I have three daughters and as the big SIX-0 looms I can only marvel how after my parenting skills, without the benefit of state interference, they made it to adulthood. They grew up healthy and happy, with mum being able to make a home-cooked meal out of very little. I was there walking them to school, taking them to every hobby imaginable and knitting myself into a frenzy every night making scratchy jumpers.

I despair of the PC brigade with all their surveys telling us that butter is bad for you, cream should never be bought or cheese is a heart attack waiting to happen. My philosophy has always been ‘a little of everything’ is good, although my slowly expanding waistline over the years is perhaps a sign that my idea of “little” maybe needs a rethink. 

My incredulity reached a peak when at the birth of my grandson I asked the nurse why my daughter had been told not to give water to baby Jamie. I kid you not, the nurse screeched “you must never give water to a baby”, really??? Why? On asking, she said it had been proven babies don’t need water, just milk. Queue a hearty dose of constipation, I thought. How my children survived their daily drinks of water is obviously a scientific marvel.

State interference in family life is now the norm and child guardians are seen by the SNP as necessary to protect children. Bizarrely they have decided that teachers, doctors and nurses etc make the perfect guardians to ensure that wee Jonny is brought up the PC way. Smacking, when really bad, is about to be against the law but I’m sure most parents, after several tellings off will resort to a quick slap of the hand to stop wee fingers in electrical sockets and the like. How long before wee Jonny writes his school diary and says he got a smack and the parents are arrested?

How stupid and entirely unnecessary when you read tragic stories of real child abuse that the Social Services are there to prevent, they are the so-called trained professionals, although one wonders when even they get it spectacularly wrong. They are paid to act on family and teachers’ concerns. If the trained professionals get it wrong how is an untrained ‘guardian’ going to get it right?

Having a fag in your own home is now being seen as child abuse, so when mum has the Friday melt down where only a large glass of Pino and a fag will suffice, I hardly think it’s grounds for imprisonment. How long before children are reporting their parents for that extra dollop of cream on their Sunday pudding, and for using butter in a reckless manor?

Now dressing your daughter in pink and your son in blue is “stereotyping” their sexuality, and children should now be able to decide on whatever sex they are, that they can be the opposite sex if the mood takes them with transgender toilets being encouraged in primary schools. I may be hitting pension age but I’m not that old to remember my primary days when wee Johnny would think it a great wheeze to see me with my knickers round my ankles...

Girls are not taught proper cooking in schools and boys no woodwork, which accounts for a generation that can’t make a meal out of the little in the cupboard and the repair on the wobbly chair leg needs a joiner.

If as a parent you get through raising your child through primary age without getting arrested, you then hit the teenage years where most adolescents routinely think rules are made to be broken, their mums and dads are idiots, they know better, and continually drive most parents round the bend. Only now it wouldn't be round the bend, it would be to the nearest child protection unit. Maybe they need to open a few teenage parent protection units, with copious glasses of wine and a shelf of fags, shuttered off, of course.

The future, it seems to me, is that the parents will have little say in how they want their own children to be raised. The vast majority of parents raise their children well, in a loving home and commit Hari Kari financially to give them every toy known to man and to support them through university and life.

Parents will be told what to feed, what to buy, when to admonish any form of discipline. We might as well have kids and just hand them over to the state to raise. Although looking at the calibre of our politicians I wouldn’t let them look after my cat.

Rant over... must go and dress my wonderful grandson in blue but will keep one eye open in case I’m arrested.

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