Why we need a National Unity Government – and you can help make it happen

Why we need a National Unity Government – and you can help make it happen

by Martyn Greene
article from Tuesday 20, June, 2017

"We call on all MPs to put their party loyalties aside and work together to form a Unity Government to best deal with the Brexit negotiations, austerity economics and terrorism."

THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY is to rule as a minority government, backed up by the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland. Great emphasis is placed on acting in the national interest, but it is political interests that being protected.

The Labour Party is planning an alternative “progressive alliance” to form the next government with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. However, if a coalition of high-spending parties gained power, the UK’s credit rating would plummet, bond rates would rise and, given the size of our national debt, we would be caught in a vicious circle with no escape. 

Rather than political parties prostituting what little principles they have left to hang on to power, we need a ‘Unity Government’ instead.  This would be formed by MPs coming together and committing to act first and foremost in the national interest rather than for the political advantage of their parties.. Once sufficient MPs had joined forces, the modus operandi of the House of Commons would change. Ministers would be appointed on a cross party basis. This has already been done with notable success in forming the various House of Commons committees.  MPs who were unwilling to join the coalition would continue as before but their position would soon become untenable. All votes would be free with democratic accountability being maintained by MPs agreeing to voter recall. There is already precedence for recall that performs well in countries such as Canada.

The veneer of society has already become dangerously thin and we must now do everything in our power to bring people together. A hall jam packed with political campaigners, the successful minority punching the air and cheering, does not make for a happy electorate or good governance. We now need government by consensus rather than confrontation where the electorate is split into competing camps.  A House of Commons with all MPs working collectively for the common good would be a good start and something that all sides of the debate could develop and build on.

The political elite will not surrender their stranglehold on government without a fight, it will require a great deal of public and media pressure.  Accordingly, we need as many people as possible to sign the above petition in order for an unmistakeable signal to be sent that the electorate now wish Unity Government to deal with the major issues affecting us in the most effective manner possible. 

To sign click on the petion link here.


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