The Ronaldo Portrait: Why do grown men and women put up with this?

The Ronaldo Portrait: Why do grown men and women put up with this?

by Charles Harris
article from Wednesday 5, April, 2017

DEAR FRIENDS, happily the story arrives this time as a result of social media criticism, which obliged the mainstream media to report it too, albeit reluctantly. I refer to the amazement and proper criticism as Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled a supposed portrait of himself as Madeira airport is renamed after him, as a sign of honour for his works and efforts.

So No! This should never be called a portrait or bust of Ronaldo, as it does not look like him. Instead, this is a complete artistic disgrace, just a foolish piece of nonsense.

Why do grown men and women let modernists art deceivers make fools of them? For as we look at the photo of Ronaldo and this object, it is clear that somebody is having a good joke.

Visually this is not the Ronaldo we see next to him, but a miserable example of artless, inept, ugly, hopeless, pathetic, weak, unbecoming and disgraceful modernist salesmanship, without conscience, or ability.

This is not a portrait of a sporting leader of Portugal; a proven sporting hero over many years, in the pursuit of excellence and personal human endeavour. Instead, it’s just a poor comic face and lacks all dignity, as has been rightly said this week, of a hard working man who proudly leads by example. 

It was also appalling how some television channels dealt with this story. For this was actually the known sporting hero Ronaldo, not just a usual public modernist art scandal which they could just ignore, as ‘par for the course.' As it did not allow their normal unquestioned response, usually taken towards all modernist art regardless of its standard.

This time embarrassment was obvious, for they were actually obliged to report and could not honestly comment. In the television coverage I saw, were clear sounds of denial. Oh! and here is Ronaldo's funny portrait, Te-he, ha, ha! - but no! - we are not laughing really! And certainly, there was none of the usual pompous political correctness. For naturally and sadly, these were some of the people guilty of blindly supporting this current deceitful modernist art movement for much too long.

It is a shame instead of laughing, our television did not righteously insist this deceiver should actually be made to complete a proper decent portrait of Renaldo and if he couldn’t, which is likely, then insist he take classes until he can.

This was also an unpleasant surprise for those involved in teaching, making, or promoting this modernist art today, who do safely assume the public know nothing about art, or their - ‘Anything is Okay,’ miserable modernist art creed, arising from the fairy story of the Emperors Suit of Invisible Clothes. On this occasion they were wrong. For this week, as was seen on social media, people rightly responded to the correct evidence of their own eyes and cried No!

And again No! For those of you who have been following our recent published articles, e.g. The Raeburn Portrait, which you will all certainly know and can understand what should, and can honestly be achieved in a portrait. For Raeburn was a genuine portrait, a self-evident image of dignity, strength, determination, and human life.

In the Raeburn, we immediately see a standing male figure in a heroic pose. He looks a real a man to walk the mountains and glens beside, yet more still, we see he is also human. It is a portrait of reality, and we would know this man indifference to any other if we saw him. 

Now, given this Ronaldo object today, we cannot think that anybody actually looks like that. It is just a complete disgrace, a direct insult to one of the world’s greatest sportsman and also a ridiculous ugly insult to art past and present, in every possible sense imaginable.

(Copyright Charles Harris 2017 – Trust Your Heart.)

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