It’s time for a REALLY British Bake Off

It’s time for a REALLY British Bake Off

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Friday 23, September, 2016

THREE CONSTITUTIONAL have hit Scotland in as many years. First the battle for staying in a union. Then came the battle for not staying in a union. As far as Scots go on the whole we’re fairly conservative in how we vote, but you wouldn’t think it the way British television treats us.

Which brings us to the final battle which could unquestionably trigger another independence referendum. The Great British Bake Off is in crisis. Surely a symbol of a declining UK, even worse than the image of Britannia being sailed out of Leith by Tories for the last time?

OK it won’t trigger indyref2 but it’s still serious.  The BBC has kept much of the cast but the format has been snapped up by Channel 4.  The BBC could still turn the ship around though by appealing to its true founding principle. Its job is to educate and entertain and be at the centre of the British message.  Given we pay about 8 per cent of the TV licence fee it’s incredible that there is not a single popular cookery show broadcast across the UK that’s filmed and based in Scotland. This is an outrage!

It’s hard to think why this is the case, beyond laziness and poor corporate memory at the Beeb. Channel 4 is also state owned, though run much more at arms length than the BBC. Together they represent a cultural aspect of the Union dividend we are told so much about.

I think it’s time our shares paid us that dividend in Scotland. Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands have fantastic eateries and scenery. The Borders have a few chic gastro pubs that aren’t too bad either. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about The Witchery, Tom’s Kitchin, and the Buccleuch Arms that’s a little out of town…and that’s just Edinburgh.

Why can the BBC not film a UK-wide cake off programme with Mary Berry in Scotland? Why does it have to be London and the Home Counties all the time? 

The impact on the economy could be huge. The rest of Britain would learn about Forfar Bridies, the Scotch Mutton Pie, proper scones, shortbread (without the tin), Dundee Cake and all the rest on Maw Broon's cook book!

Interlace baking scenes with scenery of our country, our golf courses, rivers, and hotels and restaurants to visit and you have a beacon broadcasting our potential. 

For all their commercial might it looks like Channel 4 have bought a tent and a bloke somewhere in an English country garden. I think that’s rubbish. Really I do; what a sad lame purchase for so much money.

Imagine with a lower cost base and finer scenery what we could offer here. And for the final, when the winner  takes  all, what could be more perfect than Mary Berry giving the best of British the thumbs up on the deck of the Royal Yacht Britannia? 

Now that’s something worth considering. 

Give our regards to the tent. 



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