Is a German exit required for the EU to survive?

Is a German exit required for the EU to survive?

by Ian Milne
article from Friday 5, August, 2016

LE FIGARO is France’s Daily Telegraph. In its main French paper edition of yesterday, 4th August 2016, its principal op-ed writer, Yves de Kerdrel, a well-known figure on France’s (quite excellent) discussion programmes on TV and radio, launched an unprecedented attack on Germany. The following is my translation, which, at the very least, is symptomatic of the EU-existential crisis that Brexit is already triggering in Paris.

After almost six decades of Germanophilia disseminated by the French intelligentsia, it looks as if the dam may be breaking... Having worked and lived in France for much of my life I cannot remember ever having seen such an outspoken attack on France's main ally and economic partner.

The title of his article is “Retirer les clés de l’Europe à l’Allemagne”“Take back the keys to Europe from Germany”.  He starts with the consequences of Brexit (which he notes is turning out to be rather painless for the UK)… 

There will soon be other candidates for leaving the EU, the usefulness of which is more and more in question.Monetary Europe’ died a year ago with the EU’s inability to solve the Greek crisis. ‘Defence and Security Europe’ was put to death by Angela Merkel when she decided a year ago to open the gates to all migrants disembarking on our continent. ‘Industrial Europe’ disappeared after a decade of the strong euro, which prevented our businesses from exporting. ‘Energy Europe’ disappeared with the German Chancellor’s decision to close its nuclear power stations. ‘Transport Europe’ is dying with the suspension of a number of infrastructure projects.

The most regrettable aspect of all this (he continues) is that nobody has asked themselves why the British are leaving “Europe”… Amongst the Continental élites, there hasn’t been the slightest examination of their consciences over Brexit, which is more like a lover’s quarrel than a violent divorce. And until that exercise of introspection has taken place, the “European Project”, to which the author (Yves de Kerdrel) is viscerally attached, cannot move forward…

He continues:  “We have to take back the keys to Europe from Germany, for it is she, determined to dominate, control and administer the Continent, who has destroyed the subtle equilibria dating from the Treaty of Westphalia…

The French, Italians, Belgians and Dutch saw “Europe” as an economic arrangement giving them economic weight vis-à-vis the Americans. As for Germany, she only regarded “Europe” as a way of cleansing herself from Nazi monstrosities. The EU’s original sin can be found in the inability of our neighbours across the Rhine to “bury Hitler’s corpse”.  They have always wanted to make “Europe” a model of society, rather than an efficient economic space: a multicultural model, denying national identities, denying frontiers, denying Europe’s Christian origins, denying the impossibility of integrating in one year more than a million and a half migrants. In brief, everything our peoples don’t want.

This is why the question is not to “undo Europe” in order to re-build it differently. The urgent problem is to so arrange matters that Germany no longer imposes her views, her way of life and her institutions on the other 26 countries of the EU………….The Chancellor has taken command and imposed her views, on monetary, immigration, energy and even moral questions.   In the end, the only thing that can save “Europe” and the euro is a “Germanexit”.  But who will dare to say so?”

Retirer les clés de l’Europe à l’Allemagne

Ian Milne is Chairman of Global Britain




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