The Dean's Diary: The Union is a force for good

The Dean's Diary: The Union is a force for good

by Prof D.W. Purdie
article from Monday 15, September, 2014

Office of the Dean:
St Andrew's College,
King George IV Bridge,
Edinburgh EH1 3TD

     IT BOILS down to this; do we wish to remain at the Top Table, or retreat down the Hall? 
By 'Top Table' I mean those institutions where the Union sits, advises - and acts: at the UN Security Council; the World Trade Organisation and the G8 ; to say nothing of NATO or the European Union, which by the way, Scotland Ltd cannot enter, given the promised veto of Spain & Belgium. 

     The wider historical context is something we never hear about from Salmond and the secessionists. But it was the Union that defeated N. Bonaparte; first at sea, then on land and evacuated that demagoge to St Helena; a century later it spat defiance in the face another demagogue and his gang, all Europe prostrate before him, and lived to see Hitler's corpse burn outside the wreckage of his Chancellary. The Union, with our allies headed by the US, then faced down the Warsaw Pact under its godfatrher the old USSR and emerged victorious over that menace.

   It has thus seen off extremism from both Left and Right - and will do so again in respect of those ISIS barbarians presently disgracing Islam.

    It has thus been a force for moderation in Europe and beyond. Our forefathers fought for it and died for it. My son wears its uniform, as once did I - and above all it did more for both England and Scotland that either could possibly have done alone...

    If it is not necessary to break something, it is necessary not to break it.

    Let's keep it.


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