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Making a step change for our youngsters who need our assistance the most

by Elizabeth Smith
THROUGHOUT all the welcome debate about how to raise attainment, there is one group of youngsters who could be forgiven for feeling a bit left out. That is those who have additional support needs. The data from ...

Article from Monday 26, September, 2016
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It’s time for a REALLY British Bake Off

by Jonathan Stanley
THREE CONSTITUTIONAL have hit Scotland in as many years. First the battle for staying in a union. Then came the battle for not staying in a union. As far as Scots go on the whole we’re fairly conservative in how ...

Article from Friday 23, September, 2016
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Is a German exit required for the EU to survive?

by Ian Milne
LE FIGARO is France’s Daily Telegraph. In its main French paper edition of yesterday, 4th August 2016, its principal op-ed writer, Yves de Kerdrel, a well-known figure on France’s (quite excellent) discussion programmes on TV and radio, launched an unprecedented attack ...

Article from Friday 5, August, 2016
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We need to take down those misleading EU signs

by Keith Steele
IF YOU READ my previous blog (and if you didn’t you can read it here: As a remain voter, let’s get on and make Brexit work) you will recall I revealed that having voted to remain in the EU referendum ...

Article from Tuesday 19, July, 2016
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Winners and losers lost in France

by Iain McGill
WELL, Scotland are not, on our own, members of the EU – but just as that's not stopped Nicola Sturgeon heading to Brussels and getting involved in a party that she's not invited to I took off to EURO 2016 ...

Article from Saturday 2, July, 2016
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The revolving door of EU membership

by Alan Sked
LAST MONTH Switzerland withdrew its official application to become a full member of the European Union. Elitist Swiss governments had been attempting for no less than twenty-four years to persuade their voters that full membership rather than the existing ad ...

Article from Thursday 23, June, 2016
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Imperial nostalgia in the battle for Europe

by Hugo de Burgh
THE ECONOMIC arguments are inconclusive. Since we are not very democratic ourselves who cares about the EU’s democratic deficit? In today’s world sovereignty is meaningless. No, the real passion underlying Brexit is a hankering for Agincourt and the Delhi Durbar: ...

Article from Wednesday 22, June, 2016
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How England Hibsed it in Marseille – and I met a few Russians...

by Iain McGill
I SURE PICKED a good weekend to take a trip to Marseille... I've always fancied Marseille. That team they had back in the day, when I was younger I always picked them to play with in Sensible ...

Article from Wednesday 15, June, 2016
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Do we need a Cabinet Secretary for Uneconomy?

by Eben Wilson
ON SUNDAY, Nicola Sturgeon wrote about her “vision for the first 100 days of my new government”. The usual presidential distemper brush was deployed, but modern government and its media management inevitably offer pap on steroids as it “works harder ...

Article from Friday 20, May, 2016
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Vegas and Bermuda - it's party central for our man on vacation

by Iain McGill
AFTER LA it was off to LV – Las Vegas – for Christmas. The week was the blur that I had hoped it would be, but piecing it together afterwards special mentions must go to Frankie's Tiki Room and The ...

Article from Wednesday 10, February, 2016
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