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A case for Damnatio Memoriae?

by Hugh Andrew
SOME YEARS AGO I saw something in Algeria that shook me then as it still shakes me now. It was a Roman monument, prominently placed, heavily inscribed. In the middle of the inscription a name had been very carefully chiselled ...

Article from Friday 16, January, 2015
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Meanwhile in Scotland...

by James Corbett
THEY SAY a week is a long time in politics. Well, someone said it at some point and it’s sort of stuck, but it makes a good introductory line so let’s stick with the conceit that time isn’t a constant ...

Article from Monday 12, January, 2015
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Political parties have had their day, let technology deliver real democracy

by Robert Durward
‘THE TECTONIC plates are moving’ is a phrase much loved by political commentators.  The revolution we are presently witnessing is, however, unprecedented in modern times and gathers momentum by the day. Throughout Europe, the old parties are being rejected in favour ...

Article from Thursday 18, December, 2014
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What next after the Smith Commission?

by Lap Gong Leong
LET’S BE HONEST on what the Smith Commission was not. The Smith Commission was not the modern day form of the Scottish Constitutional Convention.  At its worst, it was a room of representatives from five parties trying ...

Article from Tuesday 2, December, 2014
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Challenges for Scotland: freedom for the railways

by Marcus Buist
HURRAH! In case you missed it in the run-up to the referendum, First ScotRail is gone at last. Better yet, a far superior Dutch company has won the bid to take over the network and improve services. Let us be ...

Article from Monday 24, November, 2014
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Perth: how tax and regulation can strangle a proud city

by Marcus Buist
LIKE MOST small ‘c’ conservatives, I am naturally inclined to be defensive of my home town. Indeed, it is hard to talk about home without lapsing into a VisitScotland style effusion. So when Perth was derided by STV in a ...

Article from Tuesday 18, November, 2014
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Scottish education: learning the hard way?

by Andrew Morrison
IT HAS OFTEN been said over the past two years that the political classes’ relentless obsession with constitution matters would result in bread and butter issues such as education being neglected.  Research unveiled this week by the Scottish Conservatives demonstrates ...

Article from Friday 31, October, 2014
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While the world moves on Rivendell falls silent...

by Hugh Andrew
THE SONGS have fallen silent in Rivendell. That beautiful leafy glade which for the past few weeks has rung to the peel of elvish voices in ever more frenzied chanting now echoes to the sounds of howls and lamentation. For ...

Article from Thursday 25, September, 2014
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...and now for my next trick... "Bunga, Bunga"

by Jamie Gardiner
IN 1910, a handful of Bloomsbury Set tricksters pulled up at Weymouth in bed sheets. Announcing themselves as the court of the Emperor of Abyssinia, they covered up the fact they didn't know a word of Abyssinian by enthusiastically exclaiming ...

Article from Wednesday 17, September, 2014
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The Dean's Diary: The Union is a force for good

by Prof D.W. Purdie
Office of the Dean:
St Andrew's College,
King George IV Bridge,
Edinburgh EH1 3TD      IT BOILS down to this; do we wish to remain at the Top Table, or retreat ...

Article from Monday 15, September, 2014
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