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Fast and Furious 7 – For Paul

by Conor Hargan
Film Review: Fast and Furious 7 Starring: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham. Produced By: Michael Fottrell, Vin Diesel, Neal H Moritz. Directed By: James Wan THE LATEST INSTALMENT of the Fast and Furious ...

Article from Wednesday 8, April, 2015
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Legislation is not the key to raising attainment

by Elizabeth Smith
LAST WEEK, the Scottish Government published its new education bill. It appears to have been met with a less than enthusiastic response within the educational establishment.  This is not because the central aim of the bill is ...

Article from Tuesday 31, March, 2015
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A very simple choice

by Hugh Andrew
DANNY ALEXANDER has received some degree of criticism for uttering a clear and simple truth. The General Election in Scotland is a choice between two movements. One wishes the end of Britain, one wishes its continuance. If you wish to ...

Article from Monday 16, March, 2015
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Alex Salmond follows the money

by Hugh Andrew
I RECEIVED a fair amount of coverage for my comments on our former First Minister’s Memoirs. Sadly much of it missed the point I was trying to make. It is a point well worth restating. 

Article from Wednesday 11, March, 2015
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Fifty Shades of Garbage

by Emma Lockett
Film Review - Fifty Shades of Grey Starring: Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Luke Grimes, Max Martini Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson Written By: Kelly Marcel, E.L James THIS YEAR'S most ...

Article from Friday 27, February, 2015
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Can Sturgeon really grasp the education thistle?

by Elizabeth Smith
AT LAST, it looks like Scotland will get the kind of school reform that every pupil deserves The blunt admission from Scotland's First Minister, that the current school system is not fit for purpose is a major ...

Article from Sunday 8, February, 2015
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Will losing British Open TV rights hurt both golf and the BBC?

by Elizabeth Smith
THERE ARE many people who would argue that the great love affair which the British people have with sport has a lot to do with the long line of outstanding sports commentators who graced the airwaves in the heyday of ...

Article from Friday 6, February, 2015
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A case for Damnatio Memoriae?

by Hugh Andrew
SOME YEARS AGO I saw something in Algeria that shook me then as it still shakes me now. It was a Roman monument, prominently placed, heavily inscribed. In the middle of the inscription a name had been very carefully chiselled ...

Article from Friday 16, January, 2015
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Meanwhile in Scotland...

by James Corbett
THEY SAY a week is a long time in politics. Well, someone said it at some point and it’s sort of stuck, but it makes a good introductory line so let’s stick with the conceit that time isn’t a constant ...

Article from Monday 12, January, 2015
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Political parties have had their day, let technology deliver real democracy

by Robert Durward
‘THE TECTONIC plates are moving’ is a phrase much loved by political commentators.  The revolution we are presently witnessing is, however, unprecedented in modern times and gathers momentum by the day. Throughout Europe, the old parties are being rejected in favour ...

Article from Thursday 18, December, 2014
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