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Iain McGill's Christmas: Part 1 – Los Angeles

by Iain McGill
CHRISTMAS may be a poor excuse every 25th December to pick a man's pockets, but I find it's a great excuse to get the passport dusted off and some travel done. Having harassed my friends around the world to see ...

Article from Sunday 17, January, 2016
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The Dean's Diaries: How my family caused the United States

by Prof D.W. Purdie
Later this month Luath Press publishes a collection of David Purdie's extracts from the diaries Of the Dean of St Andrew's College, University of Edinburgh, that first appeared in ThinkScotland. As a sampler we are pleased to repeat publication of some of the Dean's magnificent musings and will publish a book review in due course with details of how to obtain copies.

Article from Wednesday 13, January, 2016
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Carmen and a tale of two cities

by Peter Smaill
THE TWO best known syllables in the operatic repertoire provided, in November 2015, a double opportunity to be immersed in that fabulous work of sun, ciggies, song and sex – the tragic tale of the enravishment of the simple corporal ...

Article from Saturday 19, December, 2015
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The Rivals - some parallels to consider

by Murdo Fraser
IN REACTION to the insensitive rule of a distant government in London imposing unwanted policies, the Scottish people rise up in a remarkable national movement demanding change. Ambitious politicians see the opportunity to benefit by putting themselves at the head ...

Article from Thursday 12, November, 2015
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The people's flag is deepest blue

by Andrew Morrison
"I'm a Tory, why aren't you?" JEREMY CORBYN is hardly going to be singing this at Labour Party Conference in 2016.  Perhaps because Labour people in the know are already numbering his days.  There will be many ...

Article from Wednesday 11, November, 2015
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San Marino. It's alright.

by Iain McGill
BEING SCOTTISH I obviously cannot get enough of freedom, so a visit to one of the worlds oldest and smallest republics was on the cards for my holidays.    With a wedding to attend in Italy I ...

Article from Friday 6, November, 2015
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Faroe Islands: A new route worth exploring

by Iain McGill
ONE OF THE newest routes in and out of Edinburgh is the Atlantic Air route to the Faroe Islands. Sounds far away, but whilst the islands are remote, the flight time is just over an hour. I can never resist ...

Article from Monday 20, July, 2015
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White knuckle rides and Blue Whales in Sri Lanka

by Iain McGill
I WAS SITTING in Koh Tao, a little diver's paradise of an island in the Gulf of Thailand, trying to find a place on an Air Aisa route that neither my friend nor I had been to before, and that ...

Article from Tuesday 23, June, 2015
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What the 'Named Person' policy really means for the teacher-parent relationship

by Stuart Waiton
A RECENT BLOG and posting on Facebook could be a sign of things to come as the ‘named person’ legislation kicks in. The blog, written by an irate mother of a 13-year-old in Aberdeen, was complaining about a ‘little chat’ ...

Article from Wednesday 27, May, 2015
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Campaigning effectively will be the key to Conservative success

by Rob Murray
SCOTLAND is going through a turbulent period just now. We have seen around 1.4 million people of an electorate of 4 million vote for a nationalist party. Whilst it is a great achievement for the SNP to have 56 MP’s ...

Article from Monday 25, May, 2015
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