Scots4Leave arrives to fill the void

Scots4Leave arrives to fill the void

by James Bundy
article from Thursday 4, October, 2018

ON JUNE 23RD 2016 over one million Scots voted to leave the European Union. This simple fact, however, seems to have been forgotten. The narrative – thanks due to a lack of parliamentary support from Scottish representatives for leaving the European Union – has been that every Scot voted to remain. The newly formed, Scots4Leave, wants to change this narrative and will be hosting various events over the coming months in the hope of doing so. 

Our first event will be held on Saturday 13th October in Victoria Halls, Dunblane and it begins at 7.00 pm. We have four confirmed speakers so far: Lord Forsyth of Drumlean (pictured), Stephen Kerr MP, Drew Liquerman – Chairman of Republicans Overseas Scotland – and myself, as Chairman of the Scottish Young Conservatives. The four of us will make our case for a smooth and comprehensive departure from the European Union before taking questions from those in attendance. This event is open to people of all parties and none. Tickets are free and can be obtained by emailing Scots4Leave at Contact@ScotsForLeave.Net

One of the frustrations held by those involved in the founding of Scots4Leave has been the lack of positive vision for leaving the European Union in Scotland. There have been voices, such as Jim Sillars and Ross Thomson MP for example, who have done a fantastic job, but these have often been lonesome. Scots4Leave aims to give leave-supporting Scottish parliamentarians assistance in getting their voice heard. But, it is not only MPs and MSPs. There are over one million Scots who voted to leave the European Union who need their voices to be heard and that is what we aim to do. 

There is good reason to be a Scot who wants to leave the European Union. Yes, some challenges have arisen due to our democratic decision to leave the European Union but throughout our history, the United Kingdom – and Scotland in particular – have confronted challenges for future prosperity. This situation should be no different and for many good reasons. 

Scottish fisheries will start to flourish after we regain control of our waters. Scottish products, which are renowned and recognised all over the world, can see their exports boom after the UK Government strikes new free trade deals around the world. The Scottish Parliament will gain over 100 new powers, all which were previously situated in Brussels. Scottish farmers will also be pleased to know that leaving the European Union will allow the Scottish Parliament to replace the Common Agriculture Policy – a system that has held Scotland’s farming sector back. 

To ensure that this positive vision of leaving the European Union is heard in Scotland, Scots4Leave will be running a social media campaign to get our message out. It will take more than just the founders of Scots4Leave, however, to be effective. Scots4Leave is a grassroots campaign and will need the support of everyday Scots. That is why I ask you to like/follow our Facebook and Twitter pages, and to share/retweet all the messages you agree with. 

Scots4Leave will also be hosting various events in which people can come along and listen to prominent parliamentarians make the case for our leaving the European Union. Members of the public will also be allowed to make their voices heard, as well as having the opportunity to ask questions to those speaking at the event. These events will also allow leave supporters to demonstrate that support for leaving the European Union is higher in Scotland than those who voted remain think. 

For Scots4Leave to be successful, however, we need the support of Scots who believe in leaving the European Union. If you voted leave and want the result of the referendum to be respected, I urge you to become involved in our active campaign. Please write to your parliamentarians, regardless of their positions on Brexit, so they can hear a pro-leave voice from their own constituents. Take part in radio phone-ins and write to your local and national newspapers; and, if you have time on top of that, please do contact Scots4Leave if you want to deliver some leaflets. We must remember that over one million of us Scots voted to leave the European Union. It is time that our voices were heard, and heard loudly. 

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