Get your Brexit flashcards - launched today

Get your Brexit flashcards - launched today

by ThinkScotland
article from Friday 26, May, 2017


BREXIT FLASHCARDS have been launched today and can be found at the website

These flashcards are the single, easy-to-use summary of why it is right and vital that the UK leaves the European Union: just download and print on to A4 card, cut along the dotted lines and you are ready to go. It’s that simple.

They are a critical resource for all Brexiteers who come into contact with Remainers and their tired and doom-laden arguments: what Remainers never seem to tire of, though, is the patronising and condescending way in which they advance their arguments, and talk down their noses to those they consider xenophobic, geriatric, and lacking in intelligence.

The Brexit flashcards not only knock their arguments into a cocked hat, they do so in a direct and pithy style. They are convincing because they are based on a large and diligent body of research, conducted by Bob Lyddon for Global Britain and published as The Brexit Papers.

For ease of access the eight Brexit Papers can be found on this special website:

Or at the Global Britain website.

Bob is an eminent financial expert with a First Class honours Cambridge degree. He is no “little Englander” speaking four Continental European languages fluently and has been involved with the workings of the EU for 39 years and the workings of the euro since before it was launched.  Speaking to ThinkScotland Bob told us:

“Contrary to what Remainers constantly contend, it is they who have flooded the airwaves with their views since the British people voted to leave the EU. The refrain that the 48 per cent need to stand up and be counted has been so loud and so prolonged that I felt that a comprehensive rebuttal was needed. The full rebuttal is in the Brexit Papers and the flashcards are the headlines.

“In fact the reality of our financial relationship with the rest of the EU is far, far worse than came out in the Referendum campaign. It is not just about the membership fee but the terms of trade under which other EU member states can deal with the UK. We cannot accept continued membership of the Single Market if it is on these terms. Similarly Freedom of Movement: the current arrangement is detrimental to the UK and must be stopped. The UK simply cannot afford to trade the continuation of the rights of 1.2 million UK citizens living elsewhere in the EU against perpetuating the rights of the 3.6 million EU citizens living here. That would be a terrible deal for the most important constituency: UK citizens living in the UK.

“The headlines are:

  • Huge cost of EU membership: £980 million a week, not the underestimated £350 million figure on the battlebus;
  • EU economic migration is 60 per cent of that cost – which is why the UK must resist any demands to grant rights of permanent residency and must resist ongoing Freedom of Movement;
  • The second largest cost component at just over 20% is the loss of corporation tax revenues to other “tax haven” EU Member States like Ireland and Luxembourg: known as the Google and Apple issue;
  • This is an abuse of the Single Market’s Freedom of Establishment, so no Brexit trade deal can allow these companies to have access to the UK market in the way they do now;
  • In fact any Brexit trade deal must also put an end to the £56 billion a year trade deficit we currently run with the rest of the EU;
  • The membership fee is only the third largest cost, at just below 20 per cent of the whole;
  • In addition to the cash costs and trade deficit, we carry enormous liabilities, enabling other Member States to borrow on our credit card to fund their public services while we impose austerity on ourselves here!

“The Brexit flashcards will resolve any doubts you may still harbour, strengthen your resolve, and enable you to unravel and dismiss the Remainers’ lines of argument”.


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