With 78 days to go, we need you to do your bit

With 78 days to go, we need you to do your bit

by Rob Murray
article from Monday 30, June, 2014

IN 78 DAYS, millions of Scots will go about their daily routine. They will be doing all the things they normally do – taking the kids to school, heading out to work, looking after elderly relatives.

Yet it will be anything but a normal day. On 18 September, we will be taking the biggest decision in the history of our country. The choice we make will determine the future of Scotland for generations to come.

Many people have already made up their mind about how they plan to vote. The polls consistently confirm that those of us who passionately believe the brightest future for Scotland is to remain in the UK speak for the majority of Scots.

The key to winning this referendum will be convincing the up to one million swing voters who have yet to decide one way or another. These Scots will listen to the arguments, digest the facts and then reach their own conclusion. The campaign that successfully gets their message across to those who won’t make up their mind until much closer to polling day will be victorious.

That’s why we have a laser-like focus on making our positive case for why we can have the best of both worlds for Scotland as part of the UK to those swing voters. The message we are taking to the door-steps is that we can have a strong Scottish Parliament, with the guarantee of more powers for Scotland, backed up by the strength, security and stability of being part of the larger UK. 

Earlier this month we held an event to mark 100 campaign days to go until the referendum. Our message that day was that ordinary people across Scotland are saying No Thanks to Alex Salmond’s obsession with independence. They aren’t shouting and screaming about it, but are doing so very quietly and resolutely. It’s the silent majority.

As part of the event we asked people to make a 100 day pledge to do something positive to support the campaign. Thousands of volunteers have taken that pledge and join thousands more already committed to our grassroots movement in communities across Scotland.

We have the largest grassroots movement in Scottish political history, with over 280 groups who have organised over 2,000 events, delivered over 4.5 million leaflets and knocked on over 370,000 doors across Scotland. The nationalists might make a lot of noise as they march up hills and speak to already committed nationalists in meetings they organise amongst themselves, but it is our hard work on the doorsteps that will make the difference when it comes to swing voters.

The polling evidence shows that this hard work is starting to pay off. 71% of senior pupils in schools across the SNP heartland of Moray recently said No Thanks to separation. In Shetland, pupils from Anderson High School followed other schools across the country by backing a No vote in September.

On 17 June, ITV Borders released a poll which showed that momentum is with us, as 70% of those living in the Borders agreed that the brightest future for Scotland is to remain part of the UK.

These figures are encouraging and should give our supporters confidence that we are winning this referendum. But we absolutely cannot be complacent for a single second. The campaigning our activists have done over the last two years simply laid the groundwork for the real test in the coming weeks.

I would be a fool if I thought it was in the bag. It isn’t. That fact alone keeps me awake at night. I wouldn’t be doing my job right if it didn’t. 

With 78 days to go, we need you to do your bit. We need your family, we need your friends, we need your work colleagues and we need your neighbours to play their part in ensuring Scotland continues to have the best of both worlds and says No Thanks to independence. 

If you have never been involved in political campaigning before, don’t worry. There are lots just like you in our campaign. If you have even just an hour to spare it could make all the difference. If all you want to do is wear a badge, put up a car sticker or poster, we will send one out to you. If you want to stay at home and make calls, we can give you the tools to do this. If you want to deliver leaflets to your neighbours, we will give you them.

This campaign will only be won if everybody does their bit. Get involved today.


Rob Murray is Deputy Director of Operations (Grassroots) at Better Together


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