It's still the economy stupid!

by ThinkScotland
article from Thursday 1, April, 2010

General Election themes will feature a wide range of public service delivery issues (health, education, defence, policing etc, etc.) but it is becoming increasingly clear that for most ordinary Scots the issue of primary importance is the economy.

Who will put forward policies to get the unemployed back to work? Which party will win the debate on the size and scope of public service cuts? And, possibly most importantly, who has a package that will make hard working people better off?

With a wide range of business leaders queuing up to praise the Conservatives for having committed themselves to abolishing Labour’s 1% employee and employer N.I. increases in 2011, it looks certain the economy will continue to dominate headlines and people’s thoughts. Any tax on jobs is a bad idea, especially when economic recovery remains in its infancy and incredibly weak.

So it’s up to the parties to state their respective cases to be trusted as custodians of good fiscal management and to persuade the public that they have a vision for our future that makes individuals, and not just government, better off.

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