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Don't fear change

THE POINT of a referendum is to let the people decide.  So telling people how to vote is not only anti-democratic, but is generally counterproductive.  I will not do that.  Some argue that we should listen to the experts and just do we are telt.  Many of those who want us to leave the EU ...

by Ivor Tiefenbrun

Thursday 23, June, 2016 , | Comment


The revolving door of EU membership

LAST MONTH Switzerland withdrew its official application to become a full member of the European Union. Elitist Swiss governments had been attempting for no less than twenty-four years to persuade their voters that full membership rather than the existing ad hoc, bilateral agreements would be in their interest but without success. The Swiss have the ...

by Alan Sked

Thursday 23, June, 2016 , | Comment


A free market case for remaining

AFTER EXPECTING to vote Leave for a while, and being undecided for even longer, I’ve eventually decided to vote to Remain in the EU. Here are my reasons why:

Immigration. EU immigration is very good for the UK, and also good for the migrants themselves. It’s the single biggest reason that London ...

by Sam Bowman

Wednesday 22, June, 2016 , | Comment