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How leaving the EU could be a GIFT to the world

DAVID CAMERON famously said that he didn’t want any more banging on about Europe. The Adam Smith Institute (ASI) feels the same way and for similar reasons: the topic threatens the unity of the party most likely to introduce policies we would welcome. Even so, after a couple of near-misses in essay competitions, most recently ...

by Miles Saltiel

Thursday 24, April, 2014 , | Comment


The Dean's diaries: The Dean and the Dope Squad

Office of the Dean:
St Andrew's College,
King George IV Bridge,
Edinburgh EH1 3TD

Internal E-memo from: President

To: The Dean:

My Dear Dean; 

    Do please give me a Report on the state of play ...

by Prof D.W. Purdie

Friday 18, April, 2014 , | Comment


CBI takes a side – Who cares?

RECENTLY I’ve been having a little difficulty coming up with something to write about. I’ve had several failed attempts; including rewriting Meat Loaf’s Life is a Lemon (And I want my money back) with new referendum based lyrics (Indyref’s a lemon and I want my country back in case you were wondering). After some thought I’ve come ...

by James Corbett

Tuesday 22, April, 2014 , | Comment


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