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A 50:50 gender split for MSPs? Not needed and not wanted

IN THE aftermath of the referendum and all the discussion about reforming the UK constitution, a suggestion has been made that there should be a 50:50 ratio of male to female MSPs. I fundamentally disagree with this proposal and I do so for three principal reasons.

Firstly, I believe any elected member ...

by Elizabeth Smith

Tuesday 30, September, 2014 , | Comment


While the world moves on Rivendell falls silent...

THE SONGS have fallen silent in Rivendell. That beautiful leafy glade which for the past few weeks has rung to the peel of elvish voices in ever more frenzied chanting now echoes to the sounds of howls and lamentation. For the unthinkable has happened. The Hobbit/Elf alliance of the Free peoples of Middle Earth was ...

by Hugh Andrew

Thursday 25, September, 2014 , | Comment


Change will now come – but should we be uneasy?

HALF AN HOUR after declaring the “No” majority in the referendum, politicians were being asked what they “felt” the outcome would be from a debate we are about to have following the “decision” by the people. 

The commentariat machine of contemporary society demands instant constructivism – a mechanistic fix to the thorny ...

by Eben Wilson

Friday 19, September, 2014 , | Comment


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