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Our universities have a proud record when it comes to public accountability

ONE OF the central principles of good governance in any sector is accountability. This is at the heart of the Nolan Principles of public life. Those in a position of power to make decisions and to act on them must be accountable for their decisions and must submit themselves to the scrutiny necessary to ensure ...

by Elizabeth Smith

Thursday 24, September, 2015 , | Comment


Faroe Islands: A new route worth exploring

ONE OF THE newest routes in and out of Edinburgh is the Atlantic Air route to the Faroe Islands. Sounds far away, but whilst the islands are remote, the flight time is just over an hour. I can never resist checking a new place out, so off I flew on Friday morning and back on ...

by Iain McGill

Monday 20, July, 2015 , | Comment


College and university admissions point to SNP education failure

LAST MONTH, the First Minister told us – boldly it has to be said – that her “neck was on the line” when it came to addressing the attainment gap between those pupils who come from poorer backgrounds and those who come from richer backgrounds. She added that she wants her government to be judged ...

by Elizabeth Smith

Thursday 10, September, 2015 , | Comment


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