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Trade associations can be dangerous

EMPLOYERS have trade associations just as employees have trade unions.  Employer associations lobby the government and interact with the civil service to keep legislation as business friendly as possible.  They issue frequent press releases, either offering a mild critique of government policy or highlighting their own lobbying prowess.  This arrangement leaves owners and directors free ...

by Robert Durward

Tuesday 24, November, 2015 , | Comment


The Rivals - some parallels to consider

IN REACTION to the insensitive rule of a distant government in London imposing unwanted policies, the Scottish people rise up in a remarkable national movement demanding change. Ambitious politicians see the opportunity to benefit by putting themselves at the head of a popular cause. Radical parliamentary reform is delivered, but does not go far enough ...

by Murdo Fraser

Thursday 12, November, 2015 , | Comment


Kezia Dugdale should get to know her Laffer curve

KEZIA DUGDALE has been honest enough to propose how her anti-austerity spending plans would be paid for. 

That in itself is a welcome change from days before the presence of campaign groups like the TaxPayers' Alliance and TaxpayerScotland; we are forcing politicians to cost their promises. 

What we now ...

by Eben Wilson

Wednesday 18, November, 2015 , | Comment


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