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All centralism is the enemy of freedom and prosperity

“CENTRALISATION IS COMMUNISM” said Knudsen, the Dane who made General Motors successful, and then saved the Free World from servitude in WW2, by organising American industry in support of a beleaguered wartime Britain.  In serving their communist bosses who thought they knew better than anybody else how to make people happy, most of the clever ...

by Ivor Tiefenbrun

Friday 20, May, 2016 , | Comment


Do we need a Cabinet Secretary for Uneconomy?

ON SUNDAY, Nicola Sturgeon wrote about her “vision for the first 100 days of my new government”. The usual presidential distemper brush was deployed, but modern government and its media management inevitably offer pap on steroids as it “works harder than ever to deliver”. 

Of course, economic liberals would suggest that this ...

by Eben Wilson

Friday 20, May, 2016 , | Comment


Brexit won't cure the NHS, but it will deliver the tools we need

THE NHS remains at the forefront of concerns for those undecided about whether we should leave the EU.  Deep down many people want to leave but are worried about the short term impacts this might have on their health service. The In crowd have been spinning hard to work up such fears and it’s important ...

by Jonathan Stanley

Friday 20, May, 2016 , | Comment