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Labour still does not "get it"

“We can win the 2016 election; of course we can. We just need to get rid of Johann.”

NOT A WORK of fiction, but the genuine views of London­-based Labour strategists after 'their' referendum victory. I remain slack-jawed to hear this view touted, in wonderment at how much ...

by Andy Maciver

Tuesday 28, October, 2014 , | Comment


While the world moves on Rivendell falls silent...

THE SONGS have fallen silent in Rivendell. That beautiful leafy glade which for the past few weeks has rung to the peel of elvish voices in ever more frenzied chanting now echoes to the sounds of howls and lamentation. For the unthinkable has happened. The Hobbit/Elf alliance of the Free peoples of Middle Earth was ...

by Hugh Andrew

Thursday 25, September, 2014 , | Comment


All-you-can-eat devolution buffet is a recipe for indigestion

IN THE SAME WAY Britain used to be called a nation of shopkeepers, Scotland is starting to look like a nation of constitutional obsessives. I predict a surge in popularity for woolly Christmas jumpers this year as all the cool kids want to look like David Torrance. 

Although the Smith Commission (#smitcom?) ...

by James Corbett

Friday 10, October, 2014 , | Comment


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