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And now for something completely different.

YOU KNOW HOW occasionally you read something and feel compelled to write something in response? Well, that’s happened to me. (Thanks Alan Bissett)

The People’s Pledge

On September the 19th, one day after the independence referendum, the result of a free and fair plebiscite was declared. The people of ...

by James Corbett

Wednesday 26, November, 2014 , | Comment


Challenges for Scotland: freedom for the railways

HURRAH! In case you missed it in the run-up to the referendum, First ScotRail is gone at last. Better yet, a far superior Dutch company has won the bid to take over the network and improve services. Let us be clear, this is not enough.  The railways saga brings to mind an episode of Spitting Image from ...

by Marcus Buist

Monday 24, November, 2014 , | Comment


Time for prayer at the SNP's megachurch


RECENTLY I watched the live stream of the SNP event at the Glasgow Hydro Arena assuming I would be witnessing a large and impressive political rally. What I saw was the birth of a new religion, Yesism.

I am not trying to say that the SNP ...

by D.J. Knowles

Wednesday 26, November, 2014 , | Comment


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