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Whatever happened to localism?

WHEN the SNP were first elected to power in Scotland in 2007, they talked a good game on localism.  The ring-fencing of local council budgets was substantially reduced, a move which the Scottish Conservatives warmly welcomed.  We saw the local enterprise companies disappear, and responsibility for local economic development passed to local authorities, again a ...

by Murdo Fraser

Monday 16, March, 2015 , | Comment


A very simple choice

DANNY ALEXANDER has received some degree of criticism for uttering a clear and simple truth. The General Election in Scotland is a choice between two movements. One wishes the end of Britain, one wishes its continuance. If you wish to see Britain continue then you have only one choice you can make, one choice whatever ...

by Hugh Andrew

Monday 16, March, 2015 , | Comment


We need an OBR to see what politicians are really spending

WHEN John Swinney offered Scotland his latest budget, we at TaxpayerScotland were slightly baffled to see the line item entry for its Fiscal Commission set at zero. 

That no funding had been allocated for the much vaunted overseers of fiscal probity puzzled us. So much importance had been put on the “three ...

by Eben Wilson

Wednesday 18, March, 2015 , | Comment


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