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Talking Scotland Down

It was a common refrain from Jack McConnell when he was Labour’s First Minister in Scotland. Whenever put in a difficult spot by Nicola Sturgeon, then leading the SNP opposition, over health statistics, education standards, or economic performance, his last line of defence was always “You’re talking Scotland down”.

Needless to say, ...

by Murdo Fraser

Friday 30, September, 2016 , | Comment


Making a step change for our youngsters who need our assistance the most

THROUGHOUT all the welcome debate about how to raise attainment, there is one group of youngsters who could be forgiven for feeling a bit left out. That is those who have additional support needs.

The data from local authorities varies greatly in terms of those who are defined as requiring additional support ...

by Elizabeth Smith

Monday 26, September, 2016 , | Comment


How much is the public sector worth?

AS WE HAVE MOVED into a new political season, we think it worth reminding taxpayers just how much our public sector has over-traded. The snapshot of GERS gave us all another view of the last year’s current account, but it is equally as important for us to look at the balance sheet.

For ...

by Eben Wilson

Wednesday 28, September, 2016 , | Comment