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It's time for Tories to love trade unions

THIS WEEK'S spat between the now-defenestrated Scottish Labour leader, Jim Murphy, and Len McClusky, head of the Unite union, throws into focus the relationship between political parties and trade unions.

The historic tie-up between the unions and the Labour Party is now under greater tension than ever before. It wasn’t very long ...

by Murdo Fraser

Friday 22, May, 2015 , | Comment


Where now for eurosceptics in Scotland?

UKIP’s MANIFESTO LAUNCH in Scotland never really left the launchpad, largely I suspect because there was never fuel in the tank to begin with.  There really was no manifesto and I doubt there ever will be, rather like a cheque from a dodgy salesman that’s still stuck in the post.  Not that that stopped other ...

by Jonathan Stanley

Saturday 9, May, 2015 , | Comment


Who is responsible for business in an irresponsible society?

BRITAIN WAS ONCE a leading player in consumer electronics.  How could it be that the people who led British companies that once dominated world markets lost the will to compete, and that their once great companies fell by the wayside, and indeed how did British industry lose out so badly to foreign competitors?

by Ivor Tiefenbrun

Friday 8, May, 2015 , | Comment


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