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The policies causing poverty

SCOTLAND has a new First Minister. In a long-anticipated move, on Wednesday the Scottish Parliament voted in Nicola Sturgeon to hold office as the leader of the country’s devolved administration, to replace the retiring Alex Salmond.

The new First Minister was quick to set out her political priorities, chief among them the ...

by Murdo Fraser

Friday 21, November, 2014 , | Comment


Perth: how tax and regulation can strangle a proud city

LIKE MOST small ‘c’ conservatives, I am naturally inclined to be defensive of my home town. Indeed, it is hard to talk about home without lapsing into a VisitScotland style effusion. So when Perth was derided by STV in a recent news article as “the town we must pretend is a city, a slate-grey, charity-shop ...

by Marcus Buist

Tuesday 18, November, 2014 , | Comment


The federalisation of Britain – but will Scotland wait?

WHETHER or not Scotland wants to stay in the Union, Britain is now on its course to becoming a de facto federal state. How do we know this? Criminally underreported and under discussed in Scottish Politics, the British Government has just voluntarily devolved powers over education, infrastructure, training, skills & welfare, and tax.  To most of the ...

by Lap Gong Leong

Tuesday 18, November, 2014 , | Comment


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