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ScotFree rather than ScotRail?

THOUGH IT MAY seem to go against the concepts of individualism and low tax, free regional rail is something that should be considered. 

We spend a fortune, subsidising housing in city centres, on unemployment benefits and maintaining our roads through tax.  There are people isolated who do not see family for months, ...

by Jonathan Stanley

Monday 24, August, 2015 , | Comment


Faroe Islands: A new route worth exploring

ONE OF THE newest routes in and out of Edinburgh is the Atlantic Air route to the Faroe Islands. Sounds far away, but whilst the islands are remote, the flight time is just over an hour. I can never resist checking a new place out, so off I flew on Friday morning and back on ...

by Iain McGill

Monday 20, July, 2015 , | Comment


Only by ending its union with Germany can Greece escape its abuse

THE CURRENT Greek crisis is being played out in every form across social and mainstream media. It is easy to be caught up in the fine detail of the debt levels involved, in the bailouts and the round robin round table discussions of the past six months. It is essential however that we recognise ...

by Jonathan Stanley

Wednesday 22, July, 2015 , | Comment


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