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Fergus Ewing's potty populism on fracking

WEDNESDAY was another black day for science-led, evidence-based policy making in the Scottish Parliament. What we witnessed was facts being cast aside, and in their place, an outbreak of potty populism in which the only goal was to out-shout a political rival.

I am, of course, referring to the announcement from the ...

by Murdo Fraser

Friday 30, January, 2015 , | Comment


A case for Damnatio Memoriae?

SOME YEARS AGO I saw something in Algeria that shook me then as it still shakes me now. It was a Roman monument, prominently placed, heavily inscribed. In the middle of the inscription a name had been very carefully chiselled out, excised from memory. That name was of a Roman legion that had revolted. 

by Hugh Andrew

Friday 16, January, 2015 , | Comment


Oil crisis? What oil crisis?

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY was one of my favourite subjects at school. Part of that was probably the conversations my friend and I had with the teacher about how to make napalm (The wonders of private education), but much of it came from a fascination with the versatility of crude oil. It still amazes me that we ...

by James Corbett

Tuesday 27, January, 2015 , | Comment


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