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Doomed: Nigel Farage, UKIP and the Battle for Brussels

IT'S ALL about UKIP. It always has been. They've made a routinely uneventful and uninspiring process the political event to watch. Thanks to them, this year's European election cycle will be the most exciting, or the least boring, ever. 

It's undeniable; we love UKIP. We love their barmy antics. We love ridiculing ...

by Ben Acheson

Tuesday 15, April, 2014 , | Comment


Steven Hood – Seen and Unseen

Seen and Unseen: an exhibition of paintings by Steven Hood in Galleries  1 and 2 of St Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh

PERHAPS the exhibition should start in Gallery 2 where Steven Hood’s work might be described as more “seen” than “unseen” since it consists of earlier works from the 1990s ...

by Sandy Smith

Monday 14, April, 2014 , | Comment


Have you ever searched for 'demolition fail'?

IT IS NOT OFTEN that The Simpsons forms the basis of an analogy in the world of Scottish politics, but in what was a fairly eventful week, I think I’ve found one.

There aren’t many things that are almost guaranteed to feature in a Commonwealth opening ceremony although flags, fireworks, foreign dignitaries ...

by James Corbett

Monday 7, April, 2014 , | Comment


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