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Tactical voting can defeat Salmond

I GREW UP in a little village in Banff and Buchan. The local MP lived nearby. He was a Conservative. Altogether there were 22 Conservative MPs in Scotland. There were two SNP MPs. What happened? The answer is simple, there was tactical voting.  

After the traumas of the 1980s, the Conservatives were ...

by Effie Deans

Wednesday 17, December, 2014 , | Comment


Political parties have had their day, let technology deliver real democracy

‘THE TECTONIC plates are moving’ is a phrase much loved by political commentators.  The revolution we are presently witnessing is, however, unprecedented in modern times and gathers momentum by the day. Throughout Europe, the old parties are being rejected in favour of parties of protest. Sweden is already being governed by a coalition of losers and ...

by Robert Durward

Thursday 18, December, 2014 , | Comment


Let them eat porridge (or boil marrowbones for soup)?

ORDINARY PEOPLE, especially “the poor” are now being insulted openly in a repulsive shift away from the atavistic private mutterings of those who consider themselves “their betters” for reasons known only to themselves. 

Recent ugly outbursts included the (then) cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell of “Plebgate” infamy, next came the foul rant against ...

by Dorothy-Grace Elder

Friday 19, December, 2014 , | Comment


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