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Why Holyrood was right to reject assisted suicide

WE DEBATE many matters of great importance in the Scottish Parliament, but we very seldom have the opportunity to discuss the fundamental issues that we had to wrestle with in the debate on Wednesday afternoon on Patrick Harvie’s Assisted Suicide Bill – issues of life and death, issues of suffering, and of the nature and ...

by Murdo Fraser

Friday 29, May, 2015 , | Comment


What the 'Named Person' policy really means for the teacher-parent relationship

A RECENT BLOG and posting on Facebook could be a sign of things to come as the ‘named person’ legislation kicks in. The blog, written by an irate mother of a 13-year-old in Aberdeen, was complaining about a ‘little chat’ her daughter had had with a ‘nurse’ (not the usual school nurse). The questions the ...

by Stuart Waiton

Wednesday 27, May, 2015 , | Comment


Putting the brakes on the EU super-tanker

DAVID CAMERON will have to move fast if he hopes to bring forward the date for the "EU - in or out" referendum to 2016. Achieving change in the EU is like putting the brakes on a super-tanker, it can take forever. David McAllister MEP, (son of a Scottish father and German mother), the former ...

by Struan Stevenson

Tuesday 26, May, 2015 , | Comment


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