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The EU role in the North Sea must diminish so Scotland’s can grow

WHEN THE UK and the other northern European fishing nations – Norway, Denmark (whose realm includes Greenland) and Ireland - were contemplating joining the European Economic Community back in the early 1970s, the existing members began to take an active interest in matters maritime. Until then, despite significant fishing interests, the original six member states (only one ...

by Ian Duncan MEP

Friday 21, October, 2016 , | Comment


Brexit is Marmite but Marmite is not Brexit

WE LIVE in strange times.  Our very former deputy PM Nick Clegg has unleashed a phalanx of pithy untruths about the price of food upon leaving the European Union.

Our old mate Marmite hasn't had a good week. Threats of price increases blamed on Sterling's fall and Brexit thinly veiled the truth. ...

by Jonathan Stanley

Wednesday 19, October, 2016 , | Comment


What would Clem make of it all?

ANNE GLOSSOP was a fifteen year old schoolgirl in 1951 when she wrote to Prime Minister Clement Attlee. The Government’s recent education reforms meant that Ms Glossop, who had expected to sit her final exams in only a few months, would have to wait a full year before taking her school-leaving certificate. Attlee’s love of ...

by Ian Duncan MEP

Thursday 20, October, 2016 , | Comment