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Labour must choose wisely, or be damned

IN THE political bubble, it’s a common belief that you are at a turning point. It always feels important, always feels like the next few days, weeks or months will change the whole lexicon of political life for a generation.

On reflection, and with the benefit of hindsight, those times are rarely ...

by Peter Duncan

Friday 31, October, 2014 , | Comment


Scottish education: learning the hard way?

IT HAS OFTEN been said over the past two years that the political classes’ relentless obsession with constitution matters would result in bread and butter issues such as education being neglected.  Research unveiled this week by the Scottish Conservatives demonstrates that the SNP's obsession over its shopping list of new powers for the Scottish Parliament ...

by Andrew Morrison

Friday 31, October, 2014 , | Comment


Scottish Labour – nothing lasts forever

AFTER THREE attempts at writing a piece on the woes of Scottish Labour that I’m personally happy with I’m beginning to ask myself why anyone really cares?

Honestly, would you look at the state of them? A once great political party reduced to a bunch of unthinking seat-fillers with no ambition, no ...

by James Corbett

Friday 31, October, 2014 , | Comment


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