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Obama's legacy offers a Middle East tinderbox

WITH THE DEADLINE for signing a nuclear deal with Iran looming this week, there is increasing frustration that President Obama seems to be committing to too many concessions and weakening the West’s approach to the Iranian regime. Obama has conceded that Iran’s expanding ballistic missile programme should be left out of any nuclear deal, despite ...

by Struan Stevenson

Tuesday 30, June, 2015 , | Comment


White knuckle rides and Blue Whales in Sri Lanka

I WAS SITTING in Koh Tao, a little diver's paradise of an island in the Gulf of Thailand, trying to find a place on an Air Aisa route that neither my friend nor I had been to before, and that we could fly to that day.

Bahrain, South Korea and Sri Lanka ...

by Iain McGill

Tuesday 23, June, 2015 , | Comment


Memo from Edinburgh: Yes Scotland can teach Eurosceptics lessons

IT’S NOW OVER nine months since the Scottish referendum and Eurosceptics are in a remarkably similar position to Nicola Sturgeon’s crew were nearly two years ago.

What’s really remarkable is how little Eurosceptics seem to have learned from that campaign, in many ways an ideal testbed for Brexit campaigners to learn how ...

by Jonathan Stanley

Monday 29, June, 2015 , | Comment


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