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SNP asleep at the wheel over rate rises

NO MATTER how much a Government thinks it is in charge, it can easily be blown off track by events. An unforeseen, unpredicted crisis can blow up suddenly, requiring urgent action and response.

A Government that is already toiling, such as Nicola Sturgeon’s failing SNP administration at Holyrood, can have its reputation trashed even ...

by Murdo Fraser

Thursday 23, February, 2017 , | Comment


Diving for Puffin: My Valentine's trip to Iceland

HOW WAS your Valentine's Day? I spent mine on EasyJet. I had a hot date alright. In Iceland. In winter. Underwater. And just about the only reasonably priced thing about Iceland was the EasyJet flights. Who cares about price though - I had one thing on my mind for Valentines. Silfra.

Wikipedia ...

by Iain McGill

Thursday 23, February, 2017 , | Comment


How nationalism can sow negative perceptions towards investing in Scotland

THE UNITED KINGDOM has been a beacon of justice, democracy and fairness for centuries. A stable country and viewed as one of opportunity, borne out by the vast numbers of international citizens who have chosen to make Britain their home.

Ours is a country where a working class lad from Brixton, John ...

by Grant Simpson

Thursday 23, February, 2017 , | Comment