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The speech that might change Britain

I MUST CONFESS I wrote the piece I intended to publish today on Wednesday. I’ll save myself some work on Friday morning, I thought. I’ll be tired. As I sat in the STV studio between 5am and 7am, it all looked good. My article stood up. I even correctly predicted that over 1.5 million people ...

by Andy Maciver

Friday 19, September, 2014 , | Comment


...and now for my next trick... "Bunga, Bunga"

IN 1910, a handful of Bloomsbury Set tricksters pulled up at Weymouth in bed sheets. Announcing themselves as the court of the Emperor of Abyssinia, they covered up the fact they didn't know a word of Abyssinian by enthusiastically exclaiming "Bunga, Bunga". The remarkable thing is that the British Navy received them as Royalty aboard ...

by Jamie Gardiner

Wednesday 17, September, 2014 , | Comment


Change will now come – but should we be uneasy?

HALF AN HOUR after declaring the “No” majority in the referendum, politicians were being asked what they “felt” the outcome would be from a debate we are about to have following the “decision” by the people. 

The commentariat machine of contemporary society demands instant constructivism – a mechanistic fix to the thorny ...

by Eben Wilson

Friday 19, September, 2014 , | Comment


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