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Time for Yes Campaign to call off the dogs

IT IS THURSDAY morning in Cupar, usually a quiet time in North-East Fife’s market town. After a dull start, the sun has come out and the temperature is rising.

The Cross in the centre of town is the venue for the latest speech by Labour MP Jim Murphy, on his “100 Streets ...

by Murdo Fraser

Saturday 30, August, 2014 , | Comment


The Dean's Diaries: The Dean's Erse

Office of the Dean:
St Andrew's College,
King George IV Bridge,
Edinburgh EH1 3TD

       It was off to Ireland last week,leaving the College in the hands of the Bursar and Rector. I was heading west into the Gaelteacht, the term (also used in Scotland) ...

by Prof D.W. Purdie

Tuesday 26, August, 2014 , | Comment


Councils banning referendum debates in schools are making a huge error of judgment

HOW DEPRESSING it is to hear that some local authorities have instructed their schools to refrain from holding referendum debates during the five weeks between the start of the new school session and referendum day. It is even more depressing to hear that a handful of schools have actually been told to cancel debates which ...

by Elizabeth Smith

Monday 1, September, 2014 , | Comment


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