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Irish homecoming not so sweet for Sturgeon

GIVEN THE often troubled history of relationships between Great Britain and Ireland, it is perhaps not surprising that the separatist SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon got a warm reaction when she addressed the Irish Senate this week. Senator after senator lined up to express their support for Scottish independence. 

One Labour senator, Aodhán ...

by Murdo Fraser

Friday 2, December, 2016 , | Comment


The necessity for reform in art education

THIS WEEK I shall feature contemporary art education, where there is a vital need to reform an unchecked bias for modernism. While personally I take no pleasure by waving a finger to question our universities and schools, nor discuss their business without good cause, yet I am saddened by how an education system can be ...

by Charles Harris

Monday 28, November, 2016 , | Comment


Simple but effective changes that would transform our government

BRITAIN WAS ONCE the undisputed world leader in science, engineering, education, communication and the armed forces, however, we have thrown it all away. Why on earth did such an accomplished and capable nation allow this to happen?

One day historians will chart the milestones on the road to our decline but a ...

by Martyn Greene

Friday 2, December, 2016 , | Comment