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Residential care needs a Scottish Government review urgently


I AM a strong supporter of the new national living wage (NLW) that the UK government announced in 2015. The NLW will start at £7.20 an hour (outside London) in April 2016 for all workers over 25-years-of-age and will then rise to a minimum of £9 an hour (outside London) by ...

by Robert Kilgour

Wednesday 10, February, 2016 , | Comment


Vegas and Bermuda - it's party central for our man on vacation

AFTER LA it was off to LV – Las Vegas – for Christmas. The week was the blur that I had hoped it would be, but piecing it together afterwards special mentions must go to Frankie's Tiki Room and The Griffin as fantastic drinking dens, Capos Speakeasy as the best place to eat by far ...

by Iain McGill

Wednesday 10, February, 2016 , | Comment


Why more tax does not mean better public services

THE BBC AIRED a fascinating phone-in the day after John Swinney’s budget. It asked the question “Would you be happy to pay more tax?”

Almost all listeners, with a weighting towards older callers to be fair, said they would - if they could see that the money would go to better public ...

by Eben Wilson

Tuesday 12, January, 2016 , | Comment