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The iron maiden of the Gaza conflict

ISRAEL HAS ALWAYS been a state at war. Long before the Jewish-Roman wars of 66-136 AD, the Jews had been a persecuted people. A monotheistic nation state in a region of Asian empires, the Jews have oft been transported to other lands and barred from their holy cities. Their disunited European diaspora, too, has faced ...

by Marcus Buist

Thursday 24, July, 2014 , | Comment


The Dean's Diary: That wee thing that happened in 1603

Office of the Dean:
St Andrew's College,
King George IV Bridge,
Edinburgh EH1 3TD


     ONE OF the pleasures of the Deanship is the assumption by colleagues, particularly elsewhere, that one knows what one is talking about. This is by no ...

by Prof D.W. Purdie

Thursday 17, July, 2014 , | Comment


Why I'm pro-union: a young person's perspective

ON TUESDAY, I had the pleasure of hearing Ruth Davidson talk about why she felt young people were naturally against Alex Salmond's separation plans. She made a convincing case that I agree with wholeheartedly. 

Young people want the greater breadth of opportunities in work and education that union brings, young people have ...

by Kyle Thornton

Friday 18, July, 2014 , | Comment


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