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Budget day blues for Swinney’s separatist agenda

BUDGET DAYS in the Scottish Parliament rarely live up to the drama and spectacle that accompanies such events at Westminster. Part of the reason for this is that the Scottish Parliament’s tax powers are limited; so the Scottish Finance Secretary can talk about how he will be allocating money to different budgets, but other than ...

by Murdo Fraser

Saturday 24, January, 2015 , | Comment


A case for Damnatio Memoriae?

SOME YEARS AGO I saw something in Algeria that shook me then as it still shakes me now. It was a Roman monument, prominently placed, heavily inscribed. In the middle of the inscription a name had been very carefully chiselled out, excised from memory. That name was of a Roman legion that had revolted. 

by Hugh Andrew

Friday 16, January, 2015 , | Comment


Offshore our industry, not our jobs, to rebuild our economy

IN THE HEADY, ecosocialist mix of British politics today all the talk is still about greening the economy, creating jobs and, increasingly, promoting offshore wind as the way forward.  Nuclear is nasty, coal is nasty and now even wind turbines onshore are seen as nasty in no small part thanks to the campaigning of UKIP ...

by Jonathan Stanley

Wednesday 21, January, 2015 , | Comment


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